ASAP Bail Bondsman Security Agreement

For value received, I am acting as Co-Signer and agent for,Defendant, do hereby agree and acknowledge by my signature to this instrument, that ASAP Bail Bonds and their agents, attorneys, or representatives may possess any and all of the property described below to secure ASAP Bail Bonds against any and all losses, debts, and obligations of any or all of the undersigned for payment of money, whether such debts, liabilities, and obligations now exist or are hereinafter incurred or arise, whether the obligation thereon be of the undersigned as direct, contingent, primary, joint and several, secondary or otherwise.

The undersigned further agree with ASAP Bail Bonds hereinafter referred to as COMPANY, as follows:

(1) That, upon failure to keep and perform the agreement herein or the agreement terms and conditions of the bond, COMPANY is authorized and empowered with or without either demand, advertisement or notice of any kind, to sell at public or private sale, whole or any part of the securities then held in pledge hereunder, and transfer and deliver same to the purchaser thereof, and receive the proceeds of such sale. COMPANY shall have the same right to purchase at said sale as a stranger. Sale of part of these securities shall not exhaust this power of sale, but sales may be made from time to time until all securities are sold, or debts hereby secured are paid in full. Any surplus after payment in full of said debts to be paid to the undersigned.

(2) The property described herein is free of any liens, mortgages, or encumbrances of any kind and was NOT ACQUIRED BY ME BY ANY DISHONEST ACTS ON THE PART OF MYSELF, ANOTHER PERSON OR AGENCY FOR WHICH I HAVE KNOWLEDGE.

(3) A storage fee per day of 0 will be charged on items held for security.

(4) All items held for security will be returned to the defendant in the condition in which they were received subject to normal wear and tear incurred as a result of moving and storing said items.

(5) We assume no responsibility for damage related to hurricane, tornado, or any other act of God.

These items are being held to ensure that the defendant will appear in court and will be returned ONLY after COMPANY is completely discharged of any liability for all bonds posted with no loss to COMPANY.

I have read this agreement and fully understand the contents and responsibilities of this document.