Bail Bonds In Houston

by Writer | Thursday, October 17, 2019

Bail Bonds

Otherwise known as surety bonds, bail bonds are the most common method to post bail. These are a type of bond that can only be issued by a licensed bail bonds agency (such as ASAP Bail Bonds) and are valued at the same sum for which they are written.

A bail bond is posted after a co-signer has discussed with and entered into an agreement with a bail bond agency. As part of this agreement, the co-signer will pay an initial fee. Sometimes, a co-signer may also be required to secure the amount via collateral (e.g. real property, savings account, letters of credit). By doing this, the co-signer makes a promise that the defendant will appear in court.

The specific circumstances of each case are, of course, variable upon each circumstance. You’ll be able to work these out with our bail bondsman.

Cash Bail

Anyone can pay the total bail for a defendant including the defendant themselves. Most will accept cash, credit, traveler’s check, or other legal tender.

Property Bond

A property bond operates on collateral only. The collateral must be equal to the amount of bail. If the defendant does not show up in court, the collateral is surrendered.

Federal Bail Bonds

In the case of a federal charge, including interstate crimes and offenses that occur on federal property, co-signers must apply for a federal bail bond.

Immigration Bail Bonds

There are two types of immigration bail bonds: Delivery Bonds and Voluntary Bonds. Both are for non-citizens who have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense. They are special because a defendant may all face immigration proceedings and possible detention. Delivery bonds release the defendant with the promise that they will be present for all immigration and criminal proceedings. Voluntary bonds occur when the detainee agrees to voluntarily leave the country by a certain date.

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